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About Us


Sunflower Seeds is a Not-For-Profit (501 3(C)) that works in partnership with the City of Huntington, WV, and other municipalities and organizations to raise awareness and resources for humanitarian efforts in Ukraine’s defense of democracy.


The vision of Sunflower Seeds is to mobilize Huntington and the surrounding Tri-State area to support Ukrainians in their efforts to preserve their democracy, ease suffering, and rebuild housing and infrastructure. The larger hope is to create a model that will inspire others across America, multiplying support for the Ukrainian people.

              Cause for Action

From United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

  • Most Ukrainian refugees are women and children

  • The total number of refugees fleeing Ukraine is over 7.3 million

  • Four million under temporary protection

  • About 7 million people in Ukraine displaced internally

  • About 13 million stranded in affected areas

  • Of the total population of 44 million – over 60% impacted

From the Washington Post (Sept 22)

  • US State Dept. says anywhere from 900K to 1.6 million forced into Russian “Filtration” Camps

  • Children make up 260K

  • Russia says 2.5 million refugees “moved” there

From New York Times (Aug 22)

  • Casualties underreported (estimated 22,000 killed in Mariupol)

  • 5,600 civilians killed

  • 7,900 civilians injured

Military killed

  • Ukraine – 9,000

  • Russia – 25,000

Who Are We?

President  - Pastor John Yeager, Huntington, WV

Vice-President - Dr. Patrick Grace, Publisher/Writer, Cabell Co., WV

Treasurer - Dr. Andrea Bourdelais

Secretary - Dr. Sandrine Pierre, Marshall University, Huntington, WV

Board Members

  • Dr. Bob McCollister, Political Scientist, Ironton, OH

  • Don Perdue, Wayne Co., WV

  • Dr. Victor Fet

  • Larry Sheret


  • Andrew Lowery - Cabell Midland Highschool, Huntington, WV

  • Ella Jarrell - Cabell Midland Highschool, Huntington, WV

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